Monday, September 18, 2017

September 8, 2014, I temporarily inhabited the hooded woods of the very same shaded, east mountain in the slanted, morning, less lunar, light with bear sign and buck antler’ rubbings high on saplings, among the defecation of the Least Weasel, when two boar ran with speckled offspring across my upward winding, oak less trail, a past deer dance on a precipitous path around the contours of the river run off within the massive deciduous mountain range. It has rained in solid, also slanted sheets for days. I am cold and wet even in camouflage raincoat remembrance.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

“Eddie Goldman is the original Mixed Martial Arts journalist, activist, and historian whose ground breaking coverage of the combat sports, combined with his political, social, and cultural criticism, has earned him the respect and love of people all around the world, and the ire of the corrupt. He is the hurdle that that one must navigate if they choose to rewrite history. His intolerance for lies is legendary. He remains an out spoken proponent of justice in sports.” John Perretti

Thursday, February 16, 2017

SECRET NARRATIVE As an inter tidal surge recedes with eight second Pacific intervals Swells oil atop kelp beds Surface tension Dinner rocks become undersea mounds, (Refractions for the eaters) Lunar held, liquid withdrawal Reappearing as pinnacles in pools Polaroid still, Purple lace flowers Float in windows, down culm sheath wings on a naked nymph’s ride along the sea A swimmer’s flight Gulls observe as the night curtain is called in “A book’s flowing into film” Potentiality’s thrill One’s knowing remembrance Physicality’s gesture, with its inherent weakness The chain’s links Still A momentary earth’s shudder Altering tides as had probably had before in lives past Time’s crevasses appear as a soul’s lure Open mouthed surface shrinking into wedged depths Sparkling possibilities and with certain motivation, pure Falling, then encapsulated, sentiments endure Sediments collect The re-approach without dilution Yearning for deserving Emotion’s lubrication Hopeful position, non intrusive A believer’s devotion with persistent evocation New structures disallowance for experiential bliss Tangential interrogation Strategic evacuation Ocean’s odors permeate the mind regurgitating thoughts to the surface Organs gasping for oxygen a breath hold of past experience The desire to breathe relates to the excessive carbon dioxides of lost loves At depth, one can ignore such impulses for a limited time Amidst Thanksgiving day parade masses Recognizing a three fingered left hand clasping Water pelts down Prior evening inflation Ropes strain skyward Cartoon giants swim amongst the nimbus Floats roll Can such rides depend on balance? Vertigo’s missed gravitational step Ballast, manipulated through semi circular canals, Nautilus kept Chambers Inside the pyramid Vacuous, labyrinthine tunnels Neurological earthworms excavate pathways and defecate thought Memory, a magnetic compass for grave robbing Journeys that can lose toes, brothers Two slabs of polished limestone remaining Bronze tools eroding Water pressure’s calming of the Autistic Cattle before slaughter methodology Bovine isolation Offering less disturbance Blood, evicerents received at the storm drains entrance Clockwise down vortex in a northern hemisphere Wet womb roundup Surgical throat slitting in red soaked, yellow, vinyl vestments. To wear the shell will not protect the mind. John Perretti 2007


© 2013 John Perretti all rights reserved.